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    "Ravish It Yourself" Competition Bikini Kits And Supplies

    Love crystallizing your stage suits but it takes too long? Do you hate when you can't find that one crystal you're searching for? "Ravish Your Own Bikini" kits make crystallizing your bikini easy.

    Simply add adhesive to each loose crystal and place it on the design markings with tweezers! Design like a pro and "Ravish It Yourself," with one of the below kits.

    Suit Kits start at $199 and price varies by design


    Kit includes:

    *Ravish Sands Competition suit 

    *Foam board

    *Loose Crystals

    *Design markings for fast and easy placement

    PLEASE NOTE: adhesive, tweezers, and pins not included. You can pick these up at your nearest craft store <3