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 Meet the Designer: Jessie R. Becker


About Ravish:
Ravish Sands Swimwear is made with sexy in mind.  Dare to turn heads in these vibrant and unique bikinis and edgy fun one piece suits.  Each Ravish Sands creation is made in limited quantities to maintain a very custom feel without a custom price tag.  Be noticed, be unique, Ravish Sands’ diverse collection will have something for everyone.  Not only will you look amazing, you will also feel amazing as these bikinis are made with real women in mind, they are incredibly hot but also incredibly comfortable.
How it all began: Ravish Sands Swimwear was created as an exclusive line by me, Jessie R. Becker. Being a native of Florida my passion for fashion was obvious at a young age. Weekend projects of decorating hats, creating jewelry, making clothing, drawing, modeling, and taking photos with the family were a natural talent. High School landed me with the Most Fashionable Award and many followers. The love for clothing, good health, strong family ties, and need and desire of learning took me to study fashion design and marketing at AIU.  However, none would have been possible if not for the support from my dear papa, Stephen Becker, mother Dawn Renaud, Brother Sean Becker, Sister Christina Becker, grandparents, and a few very close friends (LILY TAYLOR). Through their support, inspirations, and added motivations it has inch me closer and closer to my ultimate goals. Many of my recent collections have been created in memory of my little brother... the realization that life is too short and nothing happens unless you make it happens is a lesson learned. Fashion and swimwear design has brought a way to heal and cope with life’s tragedies and hardships. In little but suffiecient time I had started my business in a one bedroom apartment, and my livingroom was like a bikini closet. haha. Since then I have expanded and my most recent addition would be my Ravish Sands Online Store, sold at Aventura's Country Club, amd www.LalaCouture.com Who Makes RavishSands.com so visually appealing? Lucky for me I've been lucky along the way and met one extrodinary individual. Michael Falco is the magic touch on all the photos of Ravish Sands Swimwear. From stunning banners and perfectly displayed swimwear on dazzeling young ladies he catches all the right moments so we can share each and every unique swimsuit with you. He's talented in all areas and to see more of his work check out www.michaelfalco.com 
UNIQUE:                         One absolute in life is that each of us has our own unique beauty. We are not clones that are mass-produced to the same specifications. RanvishSands.com recognizes and enjoys the challenges this places on production and designs. Mix and match suits and sizes. One size does not fit all! A medium bottom does not have to go with a medium top. Maybe your unique tastes require a top from one design and a bottom from another. Maybe you want more or less skin exposed. Maybe you just need the bottom. RavishSands gives you the options.
WORKMANSHIP:                 Having recognizing the uniqueness of each of us, the seamstresses and designer have a very close working relationship. Factories are not a medium for designs that are to Ravish the Sands. The pride of the seamstresses and designer help assure the production of quality products, one suit at a time. How many companies have the designer and executive staff monitoring the suits as they are created? Sorry China, RavishSands is made in America by Americans.
DESIGNS:                         The designer/entrepreneur of RavishSands is constantly working on new designs; Unique designs that can be produced in sizes and shapes that can satisfy your individual beauty. Designs that are as close to custom as anything available on the market. Cloth is bought by the yard not the mile and designs are meant to change, not remain static. Jessie Renaud Becker has a passion for designing, not the same old same old. That would be boring and who goes to the beach or pool to be bored? You are not likely to see the same suit on the same beach at the same time. What you wear is a statement of who you are. Let Ravish Sands help you make that statement.

Other Photos and Credits: I have done numerous shoots with a variety of established photographers such as www.troyhuynh.com , Pedro Heshike, Javier of 3o5 Media, Humberto Vidal, Time Shift Studio,  GreatOne a.k.a William Stern, ShotOne1, Michael Anthony, Don Mugsy, Brian Storey(www.pleaseflash.me), Anthony Anderson (http://www.ayoandrsn.com), Mark Eccleston (www.ecstylez.com), Brandon Oursler (www.brandonoursler.com), Christopher Hedlund (www.loft954.com) , James Eagle, John and Pat Renaud just to name a few. Most recent fashion show events have been at Club Play Miami, Kitchen 305 Glitz Fashion Show, and also teamed up with The Academy of Glam at Hardrock Pangaea to shoot their pilot reality series featuring my line. On numerous occasions I took part in charitable fashion shows..Most recent 3C Campaign at Miamis Marquis Hotel (raising money for children w/aids) as well as Kitchen 305 (thesundayprodjecthaiti.org), Quest for love event and debut at Passions Hardrock, as well as my work can be found on many social network sites such as MM, flickr, fb, myspace, twitter, etc.

We are open for business at the "Gallery of Beach Place", Fort Lauderdale, 1st floor near the CVS! Tons of new styles and looks available in very limited quantities so you can be the talk of the sands this summer! Each piece sold seperately so you can MIX and MATCH however you please! It can't get any better than that! We are on 17th South Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, 33316.

 *ALL ORDERS 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or exchange!!!

A limited # of each suit is made in individual fabrics to almost guarantee that you'll never see your swimsuit twin on the beach! Who could ask for more!!! It's the closest to custom you can get without the custom price!!!