Rentals (Make sure to read terms below)

We offer a limited # of suits and embellished posing heels as rentals. PLEASE READ the following

How it works: RENTAL TERMS

1) Purchase the suit at 1/2 the retail cost and you may keep the rental for up to 3 weeks

(after 3 weeks $25 per week will be billed to your card)

2)Make sure the top size, bottom coverage, connectors, and color is exactly what you wanted to rent for no adjustments are made to the suit EXCEPT the bottom size

3)Include your height, weight, hip, waist measurement so we can size the bottoms to your measurements.

4)No adjustments can be made by you to these suits and suit must be returned  clean and in good condition (we include inner lining which we suggest you keep inside for easiest cleanup

5) SHIP OUT WITHIN 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS *rental starts from date shipped and ends the date you mail the suit back and email us tracking with signature required. If you fail to require signature, lost suits will be charged in full retail to your card.

1(a) Shoe rentals and HOW it WORKS!

Pay only $25 and receive a crystal embellished posing heel to use for up to 3 weeks! For every week afterwards $25 will be billed to your card up to the full retail value of the posing heel. Once full retail is paid the shoe is then yours to keep.

WANT to purchase direct and not rent? Email RavishSands@gmail.com with subject "purchase posing heels".

Thank you for Choosing Ravish Sands for your show day needs! Everything from competition suits, posing heels, jewelry, and more~!