Katy Hearn BTS in her Ravish Sands

Seriously love my girl Katy. Both beautiful on the inside and outside and a fitness idol/inspiration for many. Thought I would share a few of her vids rocking her Ravish Sands as a reminder that hard work pays off. With motivation and dedication anything is possible. Now not only does she offer the most amazing workout challenges/plans their BiteMeals offers fresh, pre prepped menus to fit most diets!. 

Ravish Sands Abroad introduces @madcarolina93 from Italy

So excited to have brought on our newest Ravish Girl @MadCarolina93. An Italian beauty whose an inspiration to many and a perfect fit for Ravish Sands Swimwear.  YouTube sensation, Foodie, and her fit lifestyle leaves an inspirational mark on anyone that crosses her path. Her positive vibes and delightful personality speak loudly on just how awesome she is. Hope you enjoy her latest "Quick bikini Try on with Ravish Sands Swimwear" 


Not Just Crystal Competition Bikini's!!

At Ravish Sands we are known for providing quality competition bikinis that sparkle and shine like no other brand out there! Did you know we also provide and create dream bikinis for many other occasions, as well?

Ravish Sands crystal bikinis can be for ANY occasion you can dream. We have done custom crystal bikinis for weddings, national flags, pool party themes and sports!

Ravish Sands has created beautiful custom wedding bikinis for destination weddings and honeymoons alike. Our flag bikinis have been featured on many models! We have made Britain, Canada, Colombia and the American Flag – just to name a few. Our pool party bikinis have been a hit, too. We have designed custom mermaid bikinis that have created waves among party-goers. Sports bikinis for the dedicated fan are available, too. We have created and designed sports themed bikinis for a variety of clients. (Please be aware, we cannot replicate a sports logo because of copyright infringement laws).

Whatever your custom bikini needs – why not add some sparkle? Crystal theme bikinis are always a hit and will be sure to stand you in front of the crowd at your event! Let’s get to creating your custom dream suit: RavishSands@gmail.com

Teamwork makes The DREAM work!

TEAMWORK! We are all about it at Ravish Sands. We don’t just prioritize teamwork amongst ourselves at the Ravish Sands office; we prioritize teamwork between ourselves and our client base, too!


We pride ourselves in our superior customer service and to make the experience unique, we have to work as a team with you and your visions for your custom pieces!


Every piece and competition bikini that leaves our doors is custom cut, sewn and crystallized to your vision and your personality. We love to talk to your customer base one-on-one and provide quality customer service that is unparalleled. We can achieve this by working with you – so, please, don’t hesitate!


Our e-mail for any suit and competition bikini inquiries is RavishSands@gmail.com and our phone number to our office is 954-440-0383. We are available M-F 11-4PM EST. Please leave us a message if you don’t reach us and we will return your call ASAP. We don’t like to leave our customers waiting for replies for days on end! We know how frustrating that can be! Let’s work together and communicate to bring you the best product you can imagine.

Happy New Years from the Ravish Family

New Year!

Many people talk about their New Year resolutions but very few follow through with them! Just shy of 10% of those who make goals for the New Year follow through. That’s not a lot, considering the hype around the beginning of the year and a fresh start! Here’s some tips for following through with your new goals and helping to achieve what you have set out to do:


  1. Write it down! Writing down your goals and making them visible to you will help wonders in ensuring you are on track daily. You can put them on a sticky note in your car, a dry erase board at your desk or on your fridge – just make them stand out!
  2. Choose goals that are reasonable. You aren’t going to build Rome – so start with incremental goals that you can achieve and build off. Want to lose 60 lbs this year? Start with losing 10lbs by March and re-assess! Chances are you will feel accomplished with reaching your short term goal, that you’ll be even more pumped to continue and believe in yourself.
  3. PLAN! Don’t just write your goals down in one sentence. Take some time to think about how you’re going to achieve them. Visualize your plan to action and the steps needed to make the goal a reality.
  4. ALWAYS believe in yourself and your ability to pursue your goals.


We hope you all have had a great start to your New Year and continue to crush your goals in 2017. Seeing our clients and athletes achieve success in their journeys motivates the team here at Ravish Sands! Keep killin it!


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