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    Figure/Physique FAQ

    Choosing the right suit:

    Pick one of the design concepts on the web site or let us know of any special concept whether specific or more general. The more abstract designs (super custom designs) will require more communications between us, will cost a little more, but are still very affordable. Rather than build an inventory of fixed designs and sizes, each suit is custom cut.
    2-  Choose the BOTTOM CUT you want. 
    3Choose any SWATCH color for your Custom Ravish Sands Figure suit. 
    4Choose a CONNECTOR. Connectors are an extra charge. and while we will use certain ones we recommend against their use on the bottoms. 
    5 - We will need your measurements, height, weight, hips, and cup size. You will provide this when you go to the Shopping Cart.

    THE BASICS OF THE CUTS can be modified for custom:  (If in doubt ask for help)

    We offer five basic FRONT CUTS: TINA, TINA MINUS, TINA PRO, TINA PRO MINUS AND STANDARD. Each offer more or less coverage in the front. The TINA provides about 1" more coverage than the TINA MINUS and about 1" less than the STANDARD. While the TINA is the most often chosen cut the TINA PRO has some distinct positives. The TINA PRO is narrower than the TINA and is less likely to bunch in the Thigh/Crouch area. A little less does decrease coverage by a fair amount.

    Figure suits are made from fabrics with stretch and are crystalized differently which also affects the stretch. The approximate CROUCH to V measurements are provided in the diagram so that you can have a better idea of the coverage a suit will provide. Obviously, if you are 6 feet tall a TINA MINUS will provide different coverage than for a competitor who is 5 feet tall. 

    The SCRUNCH BUTT comes standard on all suits. At your request we will not add it to the suit. Without the SCRUNCH BUTT the suit will sit slightly higher and wider. On some occasions the removal of the SCRUNCH BUTT (an easy procedure), has been effective in increasing the coverage needed for a competitors comfort or competition rules. Some Canadian competitors who have to deal with the 50% glut coverage rule have opted for a slightly larger back with the Scrunch Butt. The Scrunch Butt is then available to be removed if even more coverage is needed. 

    What cut is best: There is no easy answer. You need to balance you comfort and shape with what the judges seem to want. If you have a coach it never hurts to get their advice before making the purchase as all sales are final and altering the cut of a suit, crystalized or not is no small task and will incur an alteration fee or the purchase of a bottom only or a top only. 

    If in doubt ask for help. The below is customized patterns to meet individual needs if the "Most Popular Cuts style is not what you are going for".


    Made in the USA!!!


    A Figure suit typically takes 5-7 weeks to cut, crystalize and ship. Excludes transit time

    If you need the suit quicker contact Steve at ravishsandsfigure@gmail.com. Depending upon cut and crystal pattern can often provide suits on very short notice.

    Shipping in USA takes 3-4 business days/$9.95 shipping fee

    Canada shipping takes 6-12 business days (plus or minus depending Customs)/ $27.99 shipping fee no tracking or $39.99 with tracking and 3-6 business day delivery.

    The rest of worlds delivery fee is $49.99 which allows for express delivery with tracking.



    I maintain a reasonable stock of unsized FIGURE/PHYSIQUE suits that we can custom crystalize. Will not have every colored fabric but usually something that will work very nicely. Depending upon the crystal design, turn around can be three weeks, sometimes less. Contact Jessie Via TEXT 754-900-8241



    ALL orders must go through the web site.

    Find the suit design you want and click on it. At the next window pick your cup size and then ADD TO CART

    If there will any upgrades go to FIGURE SUIT UPGRADES on page 1 of FIGURE SUITS, scroll down to the upgrade, and ADD TO CART.

    If you have arranged to have connectors go to FIGURE SUIT CONNECTORS UPGRADE and click and ADD TO CART the size and number of connectors. You will leave the specifics of your connector choices in the ORDER INFORMATION BOX when you go to the SHOPPING CART.

    If your suit is not on the web site Steve will have told you which suit to click on or he may have created a special package under FIGURE SUIT UPGRADES. You will leave the specifics of your order in the ORDER INFORMATION BOX when you go to the SHOPPING CART.

    So that you do not forget any information you may find it easy to copy the following and paste it in the ORDER INFORMATION BOX when you go to your SHOPPING CART:


    Competition Date:

    Instagram name:

    Color Swatch:


    Weight(present and expected at competition time):

    Cup size:

    Breasts (implants or natural):

    Chest (just below the breasts):



    Cut (Standard or Tina or combination of both or special needs):

    Other instructions (special design or cut instructions):


    Washing Instructions

    NO DRY CLEANING, MACHINE WASHING OR PROLONGED SOAKS. Even though the fabrics are made for water and the glue is industrial strength and waterproof, great care needs to be taken. Wash at your own risk and if you do be gentle. The front of the suit should be pretty clean even after wearing it a number of times. The back and end-side edges will undoubtably be tanned. A gentle rinse in a mild detergent followed by a gentle rinse in cold water, lightly bloating dry with a towel (no squeezing, ;-))  ) and then air drying is usually effective.