Become a Ravish Sands Affiliate

Our affiliate program is a great way to earn commission on everything from swimwear, competition suits, dresses, sportswear, jewelry and so much more! Sound amazing? Then sign up for the Ravish Sands affiliate program and start earning today!

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How to Join our Ravish Sands Family?

*Register today (CLICK LINK BELOW) and set up your affiliate link.

Once you register you can track your results and activity with your own login dashboard.

*Drive targeted traffic to the ravishsands.com and get credit for up to 30 day cookie length. *This is the average cookie period, however this may vary depending on your websites functionality.

*When you generate sales earn up to 7% commission on every sale! New, hot products added weekly.

*Please read our program terms and conditions to ensure affiliate activity is in line with our brand guidelines.
*Excellent AOV and on site conversion rate

Program Terms

Ravish Sands Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

The agreement provided below is used to set forth the terms and conditions between “You”, the affiliate and “We”, RavishSands.com. By joining our affiliate program, you agree that you will comply to all conditions outlined below. Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in removal from the program or/and commissions being declined.

PPC Policy
Affiliates must not:

1) Purchase or license any domain names similar to RavishSands.com

2) Bid on the “RavishSands.com” keyword, or any of its misspellings on any search engines that operate web services.

3) Affiliates have to use their own sites or Social Media for traffic from search engines.

Email Policy
Affiliates are not permitted to send any unsolicited email (spam) under this affiliate program. If you wish to send out an email campaign on behalf of RavishSands.com, you must seek approval from RavishSands.com.

Discount Code Policy

All affiliates sites are asked to remove discount codes or mark them expired once promotion period has passed.

Display Policy
Any affiliate that promotes RavishSands.com is responsible for their activity, regardless of whether they own the websites on which they are promoting RavishSands.com. RavishSands.com reserves the rights to withhold commissions if the affiliate breaches RavishSands.com terms and conditions.

Social Media and Mobile
Affiliates are not permitted to pose as RavishSands.com on any social media or mobile platforms. However you may put that you are an affiliate/ambassador in your bio and your affiliate link or discount code.

Affiliate Approvals
Affiliates applying to the RavishSands.com program will be reviewed by Ravish Sands Director and will then decide if the site is appropriate to the RavishSands.com brand. Any affiliate that promotes adult, gambling, illegal or defamatory content will not be accepted into RavishSands.com affiliate program.