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    Ravish Sands

    LeDoux Baguette Trim Gradient Custom Competition Bikinis Lavender Lilac Purple


    Ravish Sands

    LeDoux Baguette Trim Gradient Custom Competition Bikinis Lavender Lilac Purple



    Ravish Sands Competition bikini.
    1 - We will need your measurements, height (altura), weight (peso), hips (caderas), waist (cintura), cup size (tamano de la copa) (specify natural or implant), swatch color (muestra de color), and connector choice (conectores). Write these details in provided text boxes.

    2- Include your show date

    3- Complimentary Removable Push Up pads are included If you want them BUT you can add or remove it from your Ravish Sands Competition Bikini.

    4-PLEASE NOTE : IF you do not give us all the neccessary information for your order to be started at time of purchase your production time gets pushed back. Your production time starts once we have all sizing info,etc as we request above.

    Made in the USA!!!

    A competition bikini takes 4-5 weeks to alter, cut, and/or get crystalize. You will be notified by email once suit ships. 

    Shipping in USA takes an additional 3-4 business days/$9.95 shipping fee

    Envios para USA toman 3-4 dias laborales adicionales- US $9.95 para gastos de envio.

    Canada shipping takes an additional 6-12 business days (plus or minus depending Customs)/ $24.99 shipping fee NO tracking or $39.99 with tracking and 3-6 business day delivery.

    Envios para Canada toman 6-12 dias laborales adicionales (mas o menos,dependiendo de aduanas). Gasto de envio es de US $24.99- sin informacion para seguimiento del articulo, o US $39.99-con informacion para seguimiento y con entrega de 3-6 dias laborales.

    The rest of worlds delivery fee is $49.99-$59.99 depending location and price will reflect in cart before you process payment which allows for express delivery with tracking. Some 1st class mail options are available but limited to location.

    Gastos de envio para cualquier otra parte del mundo es de US $49.99 que brinda "envio expreso con seguimiento.


    To assist our team of seamstresses in giving you the proper molded cup top size please reply to your order confirmation email with a photo of your top half. Everyone's physique varies so having a visual will ensure proper sizing.