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    • Show day check list! Got everything you need?

    Show day check list! Got everything you need?

    SHOW DAY CheckList!


    It’s FINALLY here – the day you have been working towards for weeks! Whether you compete in the NPC, WBFF, NGA, NABBA, OPA or any organization –don’t get caught backstage without the essentials to get you through the day. We know first-hand that competition days can be long and tedious. We want you to be loaded with everything you need to make your experience comfortable – especially if you’re a first time competitor! Here is a checklist for you to go over and make sure you won’t be caught having to ask around last minute! Once you see this list, you will think: I HAVE TO CARRY ALL OF THIS?! We do suggest finding a small rolling bag to make the day easier and less stressful.


    1. Bikini (many times, you do not want to wear this to the show – but rather change in to it there. You will need a touch up tan in the morning, so just wear a robe or your sweats!)
    2. Back-up bikini if you have that, OR a small sewing kit with safety pins. The last thing you want is a mishap!
    3. Posing heels
    4. Robe or Sweatshirt and sweatpants
    5. Competition jewelry
    6. Touch up make-up (lipstick, liner)
    7. Your organizations card and a photo ID
    8. CASH
    9. Flip Flops
    10. Resistance bands to pump up (do not count on the bands at the show – there are way too many people trying to pump up at once)
    11. BIKINI BITE! (Although many tanning companies provide glue, we suggest having your own in case the lines are long or you are running behind. This is to ensure your suit doesn’t ride up the back and that your girls stay in place!)
    12. Tanning Glaze (competitors have a “sheen” on them – you can find a good glaze on Amazon or through tanning companies!)
    13. Hair Appliance that you are using (straightener, curling iron)
    14. Hairspray/Brush
    15. Phone/phone charger/headphones (this is a LONG day, sometimes you may not get to leave the venue – plan accordingly)
    16. Small pillow/blanket (yes, sometimes you just need to lay down!)
    17. Small mirror
    18. Hand towel/Kleenex to blot excess tanner or glaze
    19. Powder Free Latex gloves (to apply glaze or extra tanner, again, some tanning companies provide this – better safe than sorry!)
    20. MOST IMPORTANTLY! FOOD! Pack enough for the whole day and make sure you have that plan set up with your coach on what to bring. Many competitors run out of rice cakes, potato's, etc and are left asking around. Imagine how tough it is getting competitors to share food!! (If your food is not weighed out, bring along a small scale)

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