• 2020 Sponsored Athlete Search (Includes all divisions)
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2020 Sponsored Athlete Search (Includes all divisions)

Guess WHAT!!! Our 2020 Sponsored Athlete Search is here! We are Soooo excited to bring on 10 new athletes to our team in 2020!


How to submit:

Post a photo that represents your best self !! Tell us a little about you and why you would love to be part of the Ravish Sands Family🥰🙏💎👙! Be sure to tag us! #ravishsands


How our Search works:

For the remainder of 2019 we will be reviewing accounts and on the search for our new inspiring faces to join our squad! 

We will announce the new sponsored athletes on Jan 11th 2020.... who will receive 1 custom @ravishsandscompetitionbikinis for their first show in 2020 with the possibility of a 2nd suit when their accounts are reviewed again June 2020.


What we look for as a company when choosing our athletes!

*positive, healthy lifestyle

*positive role model in everyday life and on social media

*experience in competing and/or promo marketing *regular active social media posts and proper tags in ravish sands products or reposts a plus! *we look for loyal athletes that want to rep and stand behind one swim/comp suit brand.. Can’t wait to see all the amazing entries and looking forward to bringing on new Athletes in 2020!

  • ravish staff

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  • Dec 13, 2019

    Can’t wait to try and be one of your sponsored athletes!!!

    — Nicole Rallo

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