Custom Figure/Physique Suits

RavishSands Brings Custom and Affordability together for your figure and physique suits.

FOR Questions and Help on FIGURE SUITS and PHYSIQUE SUITS CONTACT STEVE at Ravishsandsfigure@gmail.com
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Available in almost 200 different fabrics. (CLICK HERE)

Figure/Physique Suit Upgrades. (CLICK HERE)

Figure/Physique Connector Upgrades. (ALL suits come with complimentary CENTER Rhinestone Connectors. Suits >=$400 come with complimentary Center and Top Rhinestone connectors.)  (CLICK HERE

Bling Bling Bottom Back. (CLICK HERE)

OOPS. Waited to the last minute to get your suit. What are your choices?

     1- Less than 5 weeks but not less than 3 weeks to competition you can order a custom suit and pay the FIGURE RUSH FEE.

     2- Check out our Physique & Figure Suit Quick Ships. The bottoms and crossing straps can be altered on most of the suits to your measurements.

     3- Contact Steve at Ravishsandsfigure@gmail.com. We maintain a reasonable collection of unsized suits of different fabrics, cuts and cup sizes. If one of those will work we can custom crystalize the suit for you, generally without a rush fee. 

Click on the suit link below to go directly to the suit or scroll down to see them all. Do not see the design you want but have something in mind? Contact Steve at Ravishsandsfigure@gmail.com.

AngelElitePlus     AuroraDeluxe     AuroraElite     Avatar     BaliDeluxe     BombshellBling#1     BombshellBling#2                  BombshellBling#2LadyFit     BombshellBling#3     BreezeElitePlus     BubblesDeluxeLux     BubblesDeluxeWithout     BuildYourSequinFigure/PhysiqueSuit          BuildADesignerSuit         ButterflyDeluxe     Butterfly2     CollageOfColors     Cubes     DeluxeFigure     DeluxeGoldenBling     DeluxeLux     Designer001     Designer002     Designer 004     Designer005     Designer006     Designer007     Designer009     Designer010     Designer011     Designer012     Designer014     Designer016     Designer017     Designer019     Designer20      Designer022     Designer023    DiamondDeluxe     DiamondBubblesElite#1    DiamondPrincessDeluxe     DiamondPrincessElite     DiamondPrincessElitePlus     DiamondPrincessEliteWithoutColor     DiamondPrincessWithoutColor     ElektraDeluxe     EliteFigure     EntryLevel     FireElitePlus     FireworksElite     GalaxyDeluxe     GradientDeluxeLux     GradientDeluxeSidewaysRipples     GradientDeluxeLuxSideways     HurricaneElitePlus     IceSickles     Intriguing     JewelsDeluxe      Lilyburst    LimitedEditionAnimal      LotusDeluxe     LotusWithoutColor     MargheritaDeluxe     MayaPrincess     MayaPrincessDeluxe     MermaideElite     MermaidDeluxe     Mermaid2     NadiaBurst    Octopus     OrbitElite     OrchidDeluxe     Original     PeacockDeluxe     PetalsDeluxe     PheonixElite     PhoebeStarElite     RainbowSwirlDeluxe     Raindrops     RibbonsElite     RussianBeauty     StellaBombshell     Special$249     Special$289/319     SplashElitePlus     Solaris     SolarisOmbre     SolarisVariation2     SolarisWithColor     StarburstDeluxe      StarburstOne     StardustElite     StartdustDeluxe     Swan     Swirls1ElitePlus     SwirlsOneWithColor     Swirls1WithoutColor     Swirls2ElitePlus     Swirls3     Swirls4     TheTina     Tiger      VixenElite     WEB


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