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  • Jessie Becker

Keeping up with our events...

Recently Ravish Sands, Photographer Michael Falco (www.falcofoto.com), and make up artist Sonia Torres w/her line TEZ teamed up for a rocking night of catalog, fashion, and headshots. TEZ, a recently premiered line of makeup in Columbia is one of the best lines I/ve seen while working in the industry. It covers, compliments, and shines leaving the models looking flawless and picture perfect. If you like Mac, you'd love TEZ. The best part, it's affordable for most and has the perfect pinch of shimmer and flawless coverage in one. About to debut in the USA via internet you'll wanna keep an eye out and try it out as soon as you get a chance! Our five gorgeous models, Estefania Serrano, Natalia Bueno, Alex Esposito, Hayley Smith, and Lany Gonzalez resembled bronze goddesses and tore the shoot up! None would be possible without the guidence, skill and will to go above and beyond by Mike Falco himself! Always striving for something new, something unique,  and something better when his product is always at its best!!! Creativity is his genius..check out www.falcofoto.com or www.michaelfalco.com...  All were a delight to work with and there will be plenty more shoots to come...keep and eye out for this weeks end results!


This is just one of Michael Falcos fab pieces...It makes bikinis and lounging on couches extremely sexy and inviting haha.

  • Jessie Becker

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