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    • Muriel Villera teams up with Ravish Sands
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      Jessie Becker

    Muriel Villera teams up with Ravish Sands


    Get ready everybody...this coming wednesday, up bright and early in our exotic, undisclosed location, Ravish Sands will premiere some of her newest fashion bikini's on none other than Miami's favorite hottie herself, Muriel Villera...Teaming up with experienced photographer Michael Falco (www.michaelfalco.com), makeup artist and owner of Canadian makeup brand TEZ, Sonia Torres will be capturing priceless, exotic, natural light shots of well known model, Muriel Villera. Sports Illustrated here we come...Check it all out soon!

    9/15/10 Working with the beloved Muriel Villera was a pleasure. She's beautiful, talented, and down to earth and the images turned out phanominal....here are just a few sneak peek images to hold you over until we get the final pics completed! A life long dream of mine is to subscribe to sports illustrated and be featured one of these years...I feel confident to say we definetely got our pics yesterday so be on the look out...Ravish Sands is coming your way :)



    Just one of many stunning photos from our recent shoot with Muriel Villera with www.wilhemina.com  This white bikini with chain embellishment is complimented beautifully by the baby blue sea and wide open white skys.


     And another one!!!

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      Jessie Becker

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