• You shouldn't sacrifice Quality or fit to get an affordable Competition Bikini!
  • ravish staff

You shouldn't sacrifice Quality or fit to get an affordable Competition Bikini!

At Ravish Sands we pride ourselves in offering endless options for your Competition suit needs (both fit, budget, and customer service). We know that not everyone has the same needs or desires when it comes to their competition suits so we offer the best of the best (Swarovski) at the most amazing prices on the market. Or quality (Preciosa) crystals that are more budget friendly options that sparkle bright but without breaking the bank as the world famous Swarovski line of crystals!  Thats not all thou..for those that just want sparkle but need the lowest price possible we even offer on a budget bling crystal thats going to beat out any competitors price without you sacrificing the customer service experience of designing your suit and knowing you are going to get the best fit possible. With many companies correspondence is a mere email and a long turn around of 8+ weeks which we know can become quite stressful when on prep! We are always just a call, text, dm, or email away and get back to our clients as quickly as possible. Need help designing your next suit we would love to help you and get you exactly what you have been dreaming up for your next stage debut.

Best of the Best: Not showcasing all the colors and shimmer line but just a sample chart :)

Preciosa Crystals (better budget crystal but amazing quality, just not world famous price lol of Swarovski.

OR Super budget crystal used by many of our competitors that charge more than our Preciosa price points. Always make sure you ask exactly what you are paying for! The price they offer might be less but know if you are getting a down grade in quality! 

  • ravish staff

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