• Ravish Sands Swimwear Charity for Children with Aids
  • Jessie Becker

Ravish Sands Swimwear Charity for Children with Aids

 I believe good things happen to those who do good things. Well at least I believe it increases our odds. Part of life are our rocky bottom moments and mountain climbing obstacles but its those moments that make us as humans better people and gives value to our lives. Recently I teamed up with the 3CCampaign who organized a phanominal event to bring awareness and raise money for children with aids. Everything was glamourous...the venue, the make up, the hosts, the audience, the models, and the shows yet at the same time we were able to demonstrate the importance of awareness of aids. I felt privelegded to be part of their event...we kicked off an amazing swimwear event followed by several other amazing designers. Everyday people die from aids, sicknesses, accidents, cancers, and from pure old age. We never know when our moments will come and until my last breath I plan to make the very best of my life. I put my all to make this event a smashing event and if you care to see the outcome check out the YouTube video below! Give a little and expect nothing in return and your life to will be meaningful to someone!

  • Jessie Becker

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