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    • Just write it down!
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      Jessie Becker

    Just write it down!

    People always say, "Just write it down," when chasing their dreams and I never truley understood the importance of it until recently!

    I, Jessie Renaud Becker began my swimwear career within the past year after graduating a Fashion Marketing and Design program at Aiu. I always had an unique eye for fashions, enjoyed ever changing trends, and loved to be original.  After overcoming some tragic obstacles and coming to the realization that life is too short, I made one move that changed my life from there on out. That day I set a few goals, wrote them down as follows, "I'm going to form my LLC," "I'm going to create my own, unique line of swimwear," and since that cool Feb, 2010 I never looked back!
    All it took was a little motivation and determination on my end and with all the support of my friends and family I have come a long way in a little over a year.  "Ravish Sands Swimwear", a line of exclusive, limited swimwear was born into something bigger than I ever imagined! I've done fashion shows and charity events at Passions, Kitchen 305, Club Play, Marquis Hotel just to name a few. Teamed up with makeup artists, photographers, models, and more from all over, and recently completed my first wholesale catalog. Two years ago I would have never known where I would be today. I thought dreaming big was living in a false reality however dreaming big is what makes our lives worthwhile.

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      Jessie Becker

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