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    • What bikini bottom is your fits style?
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      Jessie Becker

    What bikini bottom is your fits style?

    Ravish Sands Bikini Bottom Styles:  

        What style bikini is right for you and your personality? Are you confident? Shy? Conservative or smack dab in the middle? Do you love to embrace your sex appeal or do you always play it safe?

     The "Full Bottom" bikini has a higher rise in the front and is the closest to an american style bikini that Ravish Sands will design. It's for a more shy individual who may prefer to bring less attention on them. It's still shines sexiness and personality but without asking for too much attention from others. 

    The "Simply Cheeky" bikini is gathered on the back side to give a heart like shape to it and reveal a little more cheeks :). The more cheeks you have, the more cheeks you will show :) It's the fashion phenomenon of the season and gives added personality to the bikini!

    The "Barely Brazilian" bikini is a little more risque than the average suit but not quite Brazilian. Minimizes tan lines and maximizes comfort.

    The "Bashful Mid Cut" bikini conceals more than daringly brazilian for the more conservative beach-goers. It is smaller than a full american bottom . 

    The "Daringly Brazilian" is a sexy Brazilian inspired bikini cut. It is the smallest bikini Ravish Sands has designed and is  extremely popular here in South Florida. This bikini "Dares to Turn Heads" :)

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      Jessie Becker

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