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    • Sweetest bikini yet
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      Jessie Becker

    Sweetest bikini yet

     This past Wednesday I linked up with Michael Falco for the sweetest bikini shoot yet! As the designer of Ravish Sands Swimwear I thought it would be a sexy, fun, delicious treat to swimwear fans to create a bikini out of colorful, yummy candies! I love working in all aspects of the business and enjoy creative projects out of the norm! I did try to buy the candies I didn't like so I wouldn't enjoy eating it more than creating it! 

     As for Ravish Sands there are many more fun shoots, fashion shows, and new collections to come... Ravish Sands will stay on the cutting edge of designer swimsuits. Keep an eye out for upcoming events at Toyko Blue this upcoming Thrusday the 9th where we will kick off their first bikini fashion show of the year at 10pm! It's ladies night, the food is popping,and a delicious show awaits!!! Don't miss out!

    It gets EVEN BETTER! Always wanted to try out to model for Ravish Sands Swimwear? This upcoming Sunday, June 12th marks the first casting call for the 2012 Ravish Sands swimsuit calendar! For more info email me at ravishsands@gmail.com!

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      Jessie Becker

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