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    • Hannah Kim Shines on Stage in her Ravish Sands bikini!
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      Jessie Becker

    Hannah Kim Shines on Stage in her Ravish Sands bikini!

    Ravish Sands Swimwear is happy to announce our recent custom competition bikini collab with the amazing Hannah Kim!  It was an amazing experience hand picking fabrics, determining bikini cuts and custom sizing, rhinestone connectors, and discussing how much bling is going to be added to make her the perfect competition bikini for her to hit the stage! Swimwear is a passion for me and its been an amazing experience the past 4 months working with new girls all over the world getting them stage ready! Ravish Sands is available for custom designs at affordable prices and meets every budget! So looking forward to the 2013 fitness competitions to come. Below we did a one on one interview on Hannah Kim to get you inside tips and recommendations for future competitors!

    Name and age?
    Hannah Kim, 23
    What made you decide to compete? I have always been athletic and wanted to take it to the next level! It's also very rewarding to know that your healthy and in control. 
    Where did you compete and what class? I competed in Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic in MD. Bikini A
    How important is the competition bikini ? I think it's very important, you have to set yourself apart and the color also plays a big role in how you look overall. 
    Did you place? 4th! It was my very first competition I was surprised!
    As a 1st time competitor do you have any tips that you would give to new upcoming competitors ? Don't ever give up, keep pushing through when training and dieting is hard. Always think about the stage and the end result!
    Will you compete again and where? Yes, I have the Gladiator Classic in march, Junior USAs, Team universe, and Junior nationals!
    What's your favorite health foods and or recipe?
    I keep everything really clean and simple but I do love making chicken lettuce wraps with veggies. It's easy and tasty!
    (miscellaneous) Fun fact about yourself :
    I'm a third degree black
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      Jessie Becker

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    • Jan 26, 2013

      Stop by whenever you want the Hot 100 goes down every Friday all semumr long until the Grand Finale August 12th when all 100 girls are in attendance and we dish out $100,000 to the winners.

      — Maelle

    • Dec 16, 2012

      well-done Hannah Kim you inspire us!

      — Nina mirembe

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