Genevieve Renaud Collection dress

Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I'm so excited to have launched my 2016 collection of Unique, Head Turning, custom made Maxi dresses!  Every dress is hand made in house and any color requests are welcome! Style your way to tight fitting sexy dress or feel like a queen with a flowy, classic look. Genevieve Renaud will stand out from  a crowd and limited quantities make it that you won't ever be wearing the same dress to your date night or special event!  Many of my dresses are a collaboration of prints and color but we can always make them in more simplistic colors by request! Dare to Turn Heads, Genevieve Renaud Collection. Hope you enjoy them just as much as I do! Dresses are located under our "apparel" tab. :)



Model IG @HopeBeel

Photographer IG @JustinMartinPhoto