Golden State Warriors 2013 Calendar release featuring Ravish Sands Swimwear was a hit

 So excited to show you more behind the scenes from the NBA's Golden State Warriors 2013 Swimwear calendar featuring yours truly RAVISH SANDS SWIMWEAR!!!

Yes it was an amazing opportunity being approached by the Warriors! Especially since we got to custom make designer swimsuits just for them!!!! Has to be one of the coolest collabs ever!!! 

She took the stage and she SHINED! Holly O'Hare

I recently had the honors of linking up with the beautiful Holly O'Hare...Simply a instagram picture away, we teamed up, and the rest is history in the making! As you all know it was earlier this year Ravish Sands started gearing towards the determined and talented women of the fitness and bikini competition market. We always had a knack for creating unique, affordable, designer crystal bikini's and after our sponsorship with www.msabbylynn.com we found our place!

 We are here to offer affordable, designer cheeky bottom bikini/figure competition suits! Custom made in your color choice! Even if you don't see the exact style you have in mind show us a link to what you want and we will beat that price! It doesn't get much better than that!!! Holly herself had a design in mind (particular color and rhinestone connector)...and as you can read in her one on one interview below we made it happen so she could shine on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get to know Holly, and don't miss out on her recommended recipe!!!

Name and age? 
Holly O'Hare, 23 years old. 

What made you decide to compete?
It wasn't till last November i got into competing, Miss Arizona USA pageant opened my eyes to the world of fitness and competitions! 

Where did you compete and what class?
NPC Western Regional (Mesa,AZ) 
Bikini Class C 

How important is the competition bikini ? 
VERY IMPORTANT! :) From the color to the cut of the bikini has to be on point. It needs to be a certain cut for to show off  your muscles; back, chest, gluteus. etc 
Plus you want to feel confident  on stage! 

Did you place?
7th out of 14 girls in my class.

As a 1st time competitor do you have any tips that you would give to new upcoming competitors ?
You can't out train your diet. ;) 
But if someone is really interested in competing I would recommend a personal trainer/training company.  They can help you with your diet, cardio, workouts and prep for your show. 

Will you compete again and where?
Right now I am focusing on bring a tighter/better package for my next show! 
Hopefully, a March show. :) 

What's your favorite health foods and or recipe?

Fall's Pumpkin Waffles, 
1/3 dry oats
1/2 eggwhites
1/2 tbs Vanilla extract 
1/4 pumpkin pure

Mixed it all up pour into a waffle maker, sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the waffles. 


Who inspires you to compete?
My coaches at Team Bombshell

(miscellaneous) Fun fact about yourself :
I am big nerd at times, my ideal of a day off includes hanging out with my two dogs and watching Law and Order marathons. 

NBA's Golden State Warriors and Ravish Sands Swimwear 2013 Calendar

 Exciting news!!! The behind the scenes video of our Ravish Sands Swimwear 2013 Swimsuit Calendar Collab with the NBA's Golden State Warriors is now up! Be sure to check out ....



I'm so excited for the calendar unveiling Nov 24th, 2013!   You won't want to miss out! 

I don't know how I got so lucky but I am extremely grateful for the ladies of Golden State for reaching out to me. Thank you Sabrina Ellison and Alicia Smith. 

2013 Calendar release at Kitchen 305 shot by Simon Soong

 Last night was a fabulous Calendar showcase at Kitchen 305, New Port Beach Resort, featuring GES Models. We were thrilled to have showcase our month of December 2013 with the Beautiful and stunning Elaina Christina Mitchell. We feauture 4 our our latest additions to our 2013 line including our Crystal/Competition bikini's, Nautical by the sea, Pink Kiss, and Golden Gal just to name a few... The photos speak for themselves...Simon Soong is a phenomenal photographer!

Ravish Sands Swimwear and UniGirl USA join forces for the UniGirl 2013 swimwear calendar

 It's such an amazing experience being able to see my work featured in the UniGirl USA calendar! As a swimwear sponsor we are thrilled to showcase everything from floral bikini's, our signature lace, cheeky butts, and sexy metallic prints. Be sure to check out all the sexy ladies of UniGirl's 2013 calendar! Thank you to all my supporter's... Brit you are amazing. Be sure to check out our custom crystal suits as well!