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    • Trade In Program (Ravish Sands Competition Bikini)

    Trade In Program (Ravish Sands Competition Bikini)

    Do you already have a Ravish Sands competition bikini and want a new posing suit for the next competition season? Do you need help with the cost of another beautiful Ravish Sands custom competition bikini?


    We are here to help you!


    We can’t thank all of our amazing clients enough for supporting and helping Ravish Sands grow to where it is today. We have been thinking of a way to give back to our loyal customers and we are pleased to announce that we are now offering the Ravish Sands Trade In Program!


    How does it work? Send us a close up picture of the front and back of your old Ravish Sands competition bikini to: RavishSands@gmail.com with the subject “Trade In My Ravish”. Lay the bikini on a flat surface with good lighting. Once we review your pictures to authenticate that it is a Ravish Sands competition bikini, we will email you further instructions to send it back to us. Once the bikini has been received and processed, we will provide you with a discount code for 25% off your next custom competition bikini (valid on any 1 item) purchase with us! That’s it!


    So simple and so easy – but we can’t thank you all enough for coming back to us for your competition needs. We love to provide bling and shine for you on your special day and can’t wait to see you rock a brand new bikini on stage without breaking the bank. Thank you for returning to Ravish Sands over the years! We look forward to provide you with many more years of sparkle J

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    • Nov 18, 2017

      i added a custom bikini to my list, deleted it on accident and want to order one by black friday.

      — sara

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