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    • My First Shoot
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      Jessie Becker

    My First Shoot

    My recent experience shooting for the first time with Michael Falco www.michaelfalco.com was my best experiece ever. I'm very inexperienced when it comes to being the main subject being captured on camera and am definetely not a model but being part of my website was something I personally wanted to share with my peers. I'm not 5'10", I'm not 110 pounds...I'm actually much much more athletic than that and very curvy but I wanted to show you that my suits work for a large variety of body types. It's funny b/c Falco himself new he could make the real Jess Becker, Designer of Ravish Sands pop on film and he was right. Besides being extremely comfortable with Falco my suits made me stand proud, confident, and sexy...It's amazing how a good, sexy cut, unique bikini reinforces confidence and glam. I'd recommend my suits personally b/c I know exactly how I feel in them. The best part of my job has always been the reactions of all the women I have put in my suits. I'm always looking for new, fun, vibrant, unique fabrics that will give you an original suit unlike all the brands out there which sell by the thousands/millions.I'm not about the buck and as a designer take pride in offering you something unique, something different, something limited b/c all women are special, all women are unique, all women are beautiful which is why you deserve the best in your swimsuit


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      Jessie Becker

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    • Nov 01, 2010

      thanks so Much Robert. I had a blast! I hope you enjoy my new black and whites too!!! I appreciate all your feedback and guidance and am definitely looking forward to meeting you one day soon!

      — Jessie Becker

    • Oct 12, 2010

      Pictures came out amazing and you look incredible. Its amazing what you have done with your company and your brand. The variety of model types you have do prove your work to be versatile and flattering to all women. Great job!

      — Robert Rios

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