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Starting your own business from scratch isn't an easy thing to do! It takes drive, motivation, passion, and lots and lots of time to get things rocking and rolling which for many people is reason enough not even to try. It's funny I say that because when I look back to my life 3-4 years ago I could definitely say I wouldn't have thought this is where I'd be. I mean I always wanted to be a designer but i always seemed to procrastinate a little too much! Making excuses on how i could start sewing tomorrow, cutting patterns later, how i should save a few more dollars before starting my purchases and before you know it...a year has passed and I'm definitely not getting any younger. lol I had this dream, I had the skills, and I had the passion and talent to get the job done but nothing happens unless you take the steps forward and make it happen.

See, life is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs and plenty of unexpected turns...some for the better while others not so much . For me, the last year changed my life...I had to hit a wall in my life to realize life is too short, that we never know if there will be a tomorrow, a day after, or a year later and because of that we need to make the best out of each day we are given and for me, there is nothing I'd love to do more for the rest of my life than sketch, cut patterns, design, sew, plan photoshoots, take part in charity fashion show events, and spread my love of fashion swimwear with the world. All you have to do is just do it, leave the excuses at home and pursue your dreams, write down your goals, and you will soon be on your way. After my brother suddenly passed my view of life and time completely changed. One evening December I just started, filed my LLC by February, kicked off my first fashion show event at Passions Hardrock by May, and from there one thing lead to the next...website, photoshoots, fundraisers, and much more!

I recently took part in a mini trade show called ShopSwagg at Pangea Hardrock which was quite the hit. My mom and I teamed up immediately after returning from a mother daughter cruise to Cozumel which was amazing...and our first one together. We prepped all my swimwear, made an amazing display if I say so myself, haha and gained a little more exposure than I had a day earlier. See, I realize fame and fortune doesn't come overnight and it definitely isn't my motive. I sell 10 suits and I feel like I've hit a jackpot all because that 10 suits I've designed that someone will wear and can say it was made by me, Jessie Becker...Ravish Sands Swimwear! My highlight of the whole night was when one girl picked up 8 suits because she says she has a minor addiction to beautiful swimwear...haha...if you call that minor. Everywhere I go, every event I take part in, I meet new people, get better connections, and I get to share my love of swimwear which is all the motivation I need to keep myself inching closer and closer to my ultimate goals!

  • Jessie Becker

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