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      Jessie Becker

    Out of Character


    Being creative is what makes me successful as a designer but why does it have to stop with clothing. In my opinion the more versitile and well rounded ones skills are the more you can offer to your specific niche. I wasn't born 6 foot, long and lean but I did grow up knowing who I am as a person and what I have to offer! To me, modeling is meant to be fun, creative, and all about playing another character. Yes, it's not meant for everybody on a professional, money making level b/c of society physical standards but it doesn't mean we aren't capable of it. If you find yourself open to your emotions in a split second of the call and can portray angry one moment, another second you are sexy, another scared, fierce, innocent, and having a good time you have skills that models possess however it takes more than just a model to get the whole picture..Photography, modeling, makeup, design, they are all art so for once I stepped out of my boundries and decided why not try something new I know very little about. Vintage pinup is all about the hair, red lips, tiny crazy little outfits and beads so myself and a few of my sexiest models volunteered for a Vintage Pinup Shoot w/ Photographer Tracy Mendy at the Academy of Glam. This was a successful Multimedia workshop for the current students whom are taking this 9 week course to learn the fundamentals of the makeup application. Each student was given the task of creating the vintage pinup look which from the photos you can see was a great success! Everything was shot on site at the Academy of Glam and thanks to Tracy fabulous eye they got exactly what they were aiming for. If you ever had a dream of makeup...wanted to work behind the scenes for photoshoots, music videos, glamour awards, etc you will definitely want to check out more information on their upcoming classes!It's never too late to do what you want in life... Everyday we must continue to learn and trust me...learning is better when it's a topic you love!!!
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      Jessie Becker

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    • Feb 12, 2012

      ouu i love her hair style . where did she get the head band its sso ptetry.

      — Depu

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