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    Kristine Competes in Ravish Sands Competition Bikini's

    Recently I had the honors of collaborating with a Beautiful young lady, Kristine. Being that she was competing in one of our competition pieces we decided to do a short essay and learn all about her, her experiences competing, and more!

    Name and age?

    Kristine Cenon, age 23.


    What made you decide to compete and what class?

    John Fettes who is my personal trainer and also my coach noticed me at the gym. He said I caught his eye and wanted to train me for competitions. And ever since then, I’ve always wanted to compete. My first competition was the 2012 Jay Cutler Baltimore Class, Bikini Class A.


    How important is the competition bikini?

    A competition bikini is very important. When picking your suit, you should find a designer who can create a bikini to perfectly compliment your physique and your skin tone. You want to feel confident in the suit you are wearing. Ravish Sands by Jessie Becker is my suit designer, she makes all my competition suits and they all look absolutely stunning.


    Did you place?

    I got 2nd place out of 20 girls in my class and I qualified for Nationals.


    As a 1st time competitor, do you have any tips that you would give to new upcoming competitors?

    NEVER EVER GIVE UP. I know it may get hard and there will be times you may want to give up, but don’t. All the sweat and tears will be worth it in the end. When you feel like giving up, think about why you started in the first place.


    Will you compete again and where?

    Of course! Competing is my life now and I’m so grateful to have such a great coach and my amazing boyfriend (Tou Phung) for being my support/biggest fan! My next show is on October 27th, it’s the Shawn Ray Pro Classic and then I fly down to Atlanta for Nationals in November. I’m hungry for my pro-card!


    What’s your favorite health foods and or recipe?

    Haha, there’s so many! People don’t realize how many great, healthy, and delicious foods out there! But anything in its natural state is best. Oh, and I LOVE peanut butter! (the chuncky kind, yummy!)


    (Miscellaneous) Fun fact about yourself:

    On my free time, I enjoy playing Call of Duty, but I never have any free time anymore. I also like doing yard work. lol

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