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    Golden State Warriors 2013 Calendar release featuring Ravish Sands Swimwear was a hit

     So excited to show you more behind the scenes from the NBA's Golden State Warriors 2013 Swimwear calendar featuring yours truly RAVISH SANDS SWIMWEAR!!!

    Yes it was an amazing opportunity being approached by the Warriors! Especially since we got to custom make designer swimsuits just for them!!!! Has to be one of the coolest collabs ever!!! 

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    • Jan 23, 2013

      While men so like to see skin, and they don’t seem to much care how good quality the body, it seems to me they ralley like to see women looking and feeling beautiful. It stuns them. Don’t worry. They are imagining you naked no matter what you are wearing, so you may as well leave more to their imagination, if that is likely to be more flattering. It is so beautiful to see women NOT self-conscious, and just enjoying themselves, which is easier if one isn’t concerned about a too-tiny bathingsuit. When I put women, of any age or size, in a more vintage-cut shape, they just walk around like they are wearing clothing, comfortable and happy. It is lovely. I am not crazy about one-piece suits, but the two piece suits often show very little of the midrift, if that is what the woman prefers. Happy Summertime!

      — Glenn

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