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      Jessie Becker
    • Ravish SandsRavish Sands SwimwearSponsorships



    • Positive role model in the fitness community
    • Placed 1st-3rd in recent competition 
    • Must have a combined of 20k following amongst social media networks 
    • Must live a healthy lifestyle 
    How to submit to become a Ravish Sands sponsored athlete:
    • email 3 recent bikini pictures to ravishsands@gmail.com
    • provide us with all of your social media links and user names
    • include a short paragraph about yourself and why you are qualified to be sponsored
    What we are looking for in our athletes: 
    • Positive role models for the fitness community
    • Ability to promote and represent our product made by Ravish Sands 
    • Engaging educated individuals 
    The process of being selected to be a sponsored Ravish Sands athlete: 
        Selecting athletes can take anywhere from 2-12 months. We will monitor your account's activity and if we see you are a perfect fit to add to our team we will personally email you with the announcement. 
    • Author avatar
      Jessie Becker
    • Ravish SandsRavish Sands SwimwearSponsorships

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    • Jun 13, 2017

      Hi Ravish Sands Team!
      My name is Trisha Green :) I’m 25 from Modesto, CA. I have completed in 5 NPC competitions and have placed 1st – 3rd in all and just recently competed this last weekend at the Reno show and won overall. I have such a passion for the fitness industry and I share my journey via social media as a motivation for not only myself, but to spread positivity to as many as I can. I have a steadily growing Instagram account of about 10K of mainly females from all over and I continuously get messages that truly melt my heart from complete strangers who let me know that I’ve motivated them & that is all I truly want to do. I am a fitness trainer/ health coach at Modesto Fit Body Bootcamp and i truly feel. blessed that everyday I get to work with so many men & women achieve their fitness goals and it never feel like a job, I’m just getting paid to do what I already love. My Facebook has a steady following of mainly clients, as well as a separate private client Facebook account. My goals right now is to be the best version of myself and spread positivity. I want to continue to grow in the industry and I’m hoping I can compete in Nationals sometime soon when I’m able to afford the cost that goes into it. Thank you so much for the opportunities you give to so many and for giving me the chance to tell you a little. It about myself. XOXO – Trisha Green @trishaagreen

      — Trisha Green

    • Mar 03, 2017

      Hello RavishSands:) my name is Olya (@olyashiko)
      I placed 1st in ABBA southerns 2016 in my class with .5 points away from overall :( I am doing Provincials this year and would love to represent your brand!
      I’m a 2200 Hr RMT specializing in Facial work and active release. My following is at 13k but it’s slowly been going up beginning of the year as I was finished university, and able to focus on it more!

      — Olya shibeko

    • Jun 29, 2016

      Hello! My name is Hannah and I am very interested in a sponsorship! I recently competed in my first competition and received second place, it was a blast and I am already planning my next competition which will be in October. I live a healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle and I strongly believe in portraying positive messages and helping others reach their goals, I do this via Instagram, twitter, Facebook and within life. I would love nothing more than to be sponsored and am hoping to hear from you, I continue to follow this lifestyle and believe I could be a positive representative for your company!

      — Hannah Spataj

    • Jul 02, 2015

      Hey! My name is Tiffania Zamboli. I just recently competed in my very first NPC Bikini Competition where I placed 1st in Class C and won the Overall Bikini Championship at the NPC West Coast Classic! I love living a fit and healthy lifestyle. I want to inspire those around me to join in the look good, feel good Life! I am a very positive person and believe that anything in this world is achievable and attainable. It is never too late to be what you could have been! <3 I would love to be considered for sponsorship by Ravish Sands, I am true fan of the beautiful suits you design and the positive image you portray.

      IG: Tiffania11
      FB: Tiffania Zamboli

      — Tiffania Zamboli

    • Jan 31, 2014

      I have 19-20,000 followers (not including my business’ website) from Social medias: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Personal page and Facebook Fanpage, also on Bodybuilding.com’s Bodyspace.
      You can find me at www.facebook.com/npcbikinicompetitorkellirichardson
      Twitter:Kiwi7822 Instagram:Kellirichardson7822

      Also on my current business website: www.gesnutrition.com

      — Kelli

    • Nov 21, 2013

      I would be so honored to represent Ravish Sands!! At my last competition where I placed 2nd overall in Collegiate Bikini there were so many beautiful women wearing amazing ravish sands competition suits!!!! Im a single mommy of a 1year old girl and from the moment I had her I decided to become a role model for people around me to show your circumstances do not define you! You can do anything you set your mind to! I just sent an email with all my specific information! I am a perfect sponsorship candidate:) pick me!

      — katheryn winn

    • Sep 24, 2013


      — Donna

    • Sep 21, 2013

      To represent such a lavish brand is a dream of mine. I recently wore a ravish sands bikini to my last comp and received so many compliments. Ravish oneself in the jewels of ravish sands and shine like no other. Competing makes me happy and it is a dream to rep and amazing well respected brand – ravish sands. (IG Nicoleobier)

      — nicole obierzynski

    • Sep 06, 2013

      Hi there! Im very interested in her sponsership program however i do not have 20k followers on social networking sites. I am competing it the INBA in fitness in Febuary and am a 17 year old female – and representing the Ravish Sands brand wearing a suit from the deluxe range. i am currently sponsored by a sports performance company with 5 other athletes that includes figure, fitness, bikini models and Aus top rankes powerlifter. Do i not qualify to apply because I do not have 20k social networking followers?

      — Gabrielle Rose

    • Jul 06, 2013

      Hi I am very interested in your sponsor, I currently do not have 20k followers on my Instagram, I am sixteen, I just competed in my first show Mid Florida in Orlando and won second in teen figure. I would just love to help you guys out, spread the word, I love your suits and I would love to get lots of other teens involved in wearing your suits and competiting. Thanks!

      — Bria Everett

    • Jun 26, 2013

      I’m very interested in your spoinsership program as my Team Coach, From Team Bronzed Divas recomended that I speak with you about how to go about that after my 2nd place finish, at my First Bikini comp. (Emerald Cup 2013) As I’m going into nationals, I want to again WOW the judges with my sassy, yet coy stay presence and a suit to match. Based on my research and feedback, you ladies are the place to go! So please let me know, what I need to do.

      Thank you,

      Mary Serna

      — Mary Serna

    • Jun 11, 2013

      Hi! I wore a ravish sands suit to my very first fitness competition on June 8th at the empire states show . I was.blessed to have placed first in my division and had several compliments on my gorgeous suit!

      — Amy Haley

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