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    So grateful for so many amazing competitors AND coaches that rep Ravish Sands competition bikinis

    • I can't thank everyone enough for the continued support. We are so honored to make so many ladies shine on stage by making their custom crystalized stage bikinis. It's so neat working with all body types, shapes and size, and really cool to see everything as small as a mini micro cheeky to midcoverage cheeky fit each individual girl like a glove. We continually update our styles to stay hip and ahead of our times to deliver quality, unique, head turning custom competition bikinis, swimwear, activewear, themewear, figure suits, and more. We love you all! Even the difficult gals that help make our company better by tweaking those details at time of need. Thank you EVERYONE. WE LOVE YOU!!! And A big shout out to ALL THE AMAZING COACHES AND TEAMS THAT TRUST IN US TO MAKE THEIR GIRLS SHINE!!!



    • Positive role model in the fitness community
    • Placed 1st-3rd in recent competition 
    • Must have a combined of 20k following amongst social media networks 
    • Must live a healthy lifestyle 
    How to submit to become a Ravish Sands sponsored athlete:
    • email 3 recent bikini pictures to ravishsands@gmail.com
    • provide us with all of your social media links and user names
    • include a short paragraph about yourself and why you are qualified to be sponsored
    What we are looking for in our athletes: 
    • Positive role models for the fitness community
    • Ability to promote and represent our product made by Ravish Sands 
    • Engaging educated individuals 
    The process of being selected to be a sponsored Ravish Sands athlete: 
        Selecting athletes can take anywhere from 2-12 months. We will monitor your account's activity and if we see you are a perfect fit to add to our team we will personally email you with the announcement.