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    So grateful for so many amazing competitors AND coaches that rep Ravish Sands competition bikinis

    • I can't thank everyone enough for the continued support. We are so honored to make so many ladies shine on stage by making their custom crystalized stage bikinis. It's so neat working with all body types, shapes and size, and really cool to see everything as small as a mini micro cheeky to midcoverage cheeky fit each individual girl like a glove. We continually update our styles to stay hip and ahead of our times to deliver quality, unique, head turning custom competition bikinis, swimwear, activewear, themewear, figure suits, and more. We love you all! Even the difficult gals that help make our company better by tweaking those details at time of need. Thank you EVERYONE. WE LOVE YOU!!! And A big shout out to ALL THE AMAZING COACHES AND TEAMS THAT TRUST IN US TO MAKE THEIR GIRLS SHINE!!!

    Ravish Sands Custom Sequin Figure Competition Suits

    Sequin Figure Competition Suits


    Ravish Sands has been providing the bikini, figure and physique competitors with custom crystalized competition suits. Ravish Sands will now be offering Sequin Competition Figure Suits. What the Sequin Competition Suit lacks in crystalized design it makes up with affordability and bling. Ravish Sands promotional Sequin Figure Competition Suit will soon be released in one of Ravish Sands many Raffles/customer appreciation give backs.

    As with Ravish Sands Crystalized Custom Figure suits, the custom Sequin Figure Suits will come with complementary removable padding.

    Ravish Sands appreciates that with all the rigors of training for a competition that ordering a competition figure suit is sometimes put off to the last minute. Ravish Sands will be working on providing an inventory of stock/unsized suits that can have a fast turnaround time without sacrificing bling or the luxury of a custom fit. One size and color does not fit all.


    To start with, Ravish Sands will be offering 18 different colors. Choice and imagination will not end there. The only limit to design of a figure competition suit is imagination and creativity. Of course passion plays a role as well: an emotion that Bikini, Figure and Physique competitors are all also familiar with. 

    Ravish Sands plans on delivering the same creativity and compassion to the new line of Sequin Figure Competition Suits that it has provided to its custom crystalized figure competition suits. This is only the beginning.